Friday, March 19, 2010


What beautiful weather we're having. I know it will temporarily come to an end next week but for now we will enjoy it. Olivia just loves being outside and since I'm just working nights this week we will take advantage. Yesterday we went for a walk and stopped at a park with Toffee. We watched the ducks in the little stream and threw rocks in the water. Everything is a joy to an 18 month old.

Today we'll walk over to Olivia's new daycare to get her registered, then maybe surprise the boys at school. They're having a sugar shack day today, and what a great day for it!

Also on today's list of things to do is to get some mohair dyed. I ordered some from Dyeing for Colour on etsy to make a few more skeins of stoney pink for a special order. I Might also get a start on another skein of pistachio ice. A little more dyeing today? All this plus some tech hours at the studio tonight. I think days should be 30 hours instead of 24.

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