Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fibre Frenzy

Since I started this spinning thing in January, I just can't get enough fibre! I always "need" to get that extra bit so I can make that perfect yarn.

I went to a computer store yesterday with the excuse of checking out their prices on Macbooks, but with a fibre store (wabi sabi) just across the street, I think it was really a ploy to go buy that last locally made alpaca bat that I saw there on the weekend.

So now there are three in my collection, of varying colours to suit any of the dyed fibres that I also have stashed.

And with shearing happening soon at a local farm I'm sure there will be more to collect...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day of school

It's been a while since I've taken the time to write a posting, but now that the move is over and done with and the boys have started school, there is a little more time.

Only a little though, since the girl still needs a lot of me and I'm back to work at the pottery studio as of this morning. One year of mat leave goes fast!

Yesterday, being day one of grade 2 for my guys, Olivia, Toffee and I went for a walk. After Olivia fell asleep, we came back home and I rushed to get out the fibre and spinning wheel!

It's cooling down but still warm enough for a little outdoor spinning!

And, now that I've opened shop at etsy, I spun up this yarn I called Raspberry and posted it this morning.

While Olivia slept, Toffee the wonder pug stood watch.

Still wondering whether I should list this one or knit it...I just love the colour.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What a joyous sight. We're now preparing for the next phase of life in a different house--one that will work much better for us.
This post was started about two months ago, and now the move will actually be happening in about three weeks. We sign papers on Friday and get the house in two weeks, at which point we shift things gradually and...the most as our new kitchen gets renovated! Yes, we will be moving into a brand new kitchen--how exciting is that??
And on top of that we will now be able to spread out--there will be a basement. Plus a swimming pool. Since we have decided not to go to Newfoundland this summer Thane is excited about the pool. The summer forecast calls for hot weather so it will be well used!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday, I dropped by wabi-sabi in search of the lazy kate I've been looking for for a while. One of the things with buying the spinning wheel second-hand is that all I got was the wheel and not the extras that would normally go along with it. Well, except for the five bobbins. But since I have no lazy kate and four bobbins filled with yarn that needs to be plied, I'm just a little stuck in the spinning department.

That was fixed yesterday. No, the lazy kate still wasn't there, but the kind owner of the store loaned me an extra bobbin to hopefully keep me satisfied with spinning some singles, and I picked up a bunch more of the shetland pencil roving that I've been working on and had run out of--in that colour anyway.

It's been fun spinning the shetland--it almost spins itself--but I wasn't sure what it would eventually become. I think it was sometime as I was waking up from a nap that I decided I'd ply it with a darker brown shetland and knit it into a poncho. I've always liked ponchos...though I've only ever had one--and I'm not even sure I ever owned one, I just have this vague memory of wearing a white one back in the late 70s or 80s. Anyway, I think it will be lovely.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting to be able to ply all this yarn, I've been working on a shrug, using yarn that I ordered from colourmart. It's mostly synthetic, but with a small percentage of mohair. It's quite nice, and if this works out well--it's my first attempt to knit without a pattern, other than hats--I'm going to knit one for Olivia to wear to my sister's wedding, over the dress my aunt knit.

As another thought, one of the plans I have is to eventually make some new pendants and put them on felted yarn. I think it would make a lovely neckpiece, though it's not much to look at right now.

This still needs work, of course, but it's the start of an idea. I have a bunch of pendants like this in various colours that I made last summer without a real idea of what I would hang them on. Before the spinning and rekindled interest in fibre. Once it warms up a little and I can get back to the pottery studio we'll see what else I can come up with.

Thankfully, spring is in the air! (even though it's a little soggy and windy out, and will be -14 C tonight...we have had a hint of it!) And not a moment too soon.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Pretty much every day I look up etsy and to a lesser degree, but still regularly, ravelry. I just love looking at the projects people are working on, the things that are being sold, and from time to time I see things that are very similar to some clay pieces that I've done in the past. That's really just the way it is; I believe there are no truly new ideas, but a multitude of different perspectives on the same idea. And reading through all these great blogs that are out there gets me really excited about all the possibilites there are for working with fibre.

As for now, here are some examples of what can be done in clay:

These first three are examples of my soul houses.

And here's a tea set.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keeping it up

I guess if you start a blog, it's really best to try to maintain it.

Somehow I will find a way, but in the meantime I have started teaching a kids/parents pottery group at the community centre, so that world isn't totally passing me by. It's kinda nice to be back in there, and I suppose it really is a good idea to get out sometimes!

The knitting and spinning projects are moving more slowly than I would like, but I did manage to get this spun. It will soon become a hat for Thane. Hopefully before winter ends.

Then there was this beautiful merino/silk blend that I predrafted. It looks like clouds and feels as soft.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a studio out back

This title refers to my pottery studio--at the moment a very cold, cluttered place. I don't get much pottery made in the winter, well, at least not this year. Olivia takes up much of my day, and when she sleeps it's a whole lot easier to pick up a bit of yarn than dig out clay. Besides, since we blocked off the heat duct to the studio this year, all my clay has frozen. An unfortunate thing, I guess I didn't really think about it, or thought it might not get below freezing since the place is connected to the house. I will figure it all out in the spring--I think that if I just dry out the clay and rework it, it might be okay.

All my glazes and underglazes have also frozen...don't think it's as bad for them, but again, will assess it in the spring.

Whatever the case, I do find myself not as interested in clay at the moment. I'm sure it will come back, it's just time. Maybe it's the winter, it's so much more comforting and inspiring to work in a medium that brings warmth.

So I learned to spin yarn.

I wasn't sure I would do this. Close to the end of my pregnancy I decided I would knit my sons a sweater each, after, of course, my husband got his 7 year old sweater (which he rarely wears, but I digress. Admittedly, it was an itchy choice of wool). Then I explored etsy for the beautiful handspun and felt so inspired I bought my first skein from

After some reworking, this fun, colourful yarn is turning itself into a lovely hat.

In the meantime I spied a gorgeous undyed merino/tussah silk blend from and just had to get it.

The first one turned into a short scarf, which I gave to a friend for Christmas.

Then I had to get more.

Anyway, my point here is I could see myself spending a ton on handspun, and it just seemed like all these spinners were having so much fun!

I took a drop spindle class, and with my own first yarn I made a hat.

Then I bought a spinning wheel. Now, if only I could get all the time in the world to sit and spin...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Beginning

So this is it. I've started it. Been thinking about it for a while and now here is the first post. Phew!
What will this blog will be about? My three kids, pottery, my latest interest, fibre. It will hopefully help me organize thoughts, make plans, and work through designs.
I picked up knitting again last summer, as a way to keep my hands busy while waiting for Olivia. Wasn't able to get my stomach around a potter's wheel and there was a 7 year old sweater I had to finish. Now there's a spinning wheel in what will be Olivia's bedroom, and I find myself wandering through more and more yarn stores, looking up nothing but fibre related websites, and dreaming up tons of new projects. Starting them doesn't seem to be a if only I could finish them all!