Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Projects

I'm working on a bit of goal setting at the moment.  Right now it feels a little scary to set them since I'm not sure I'll be able to fulfill them all, but I guess I need to make my best effort...Maybe just writing that will help.

One of the goals is to start thinking more about my blog.  Truthfully, I'm never sure what I want to say here.  But I do know I'd like to post every week, and if I can get in the habit, maybe a couple of times a week.

I'll start with this post.  No photos.  Photos will come.  I'll start to carry around my camera a bit more maybe.

The summer is gearing up to be busy!  More about my plans another day, but it will involve markets, fibre festivals and more.  Today I signed up for the first time for tour de fleece.  I have two full fleeces that I said I'd try to have spun by the end of the summer.....Anyway, this will help me make some headway on that!  Must get them washed in the next few days, will post photos next week.