Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm trying to make a line of pots that I'm really happy with.

I say "a line of pots," but I don't really want to think of them that way, I'm just not sure how else to phrase it.  A bunch of pots?  A style of pots?  Maybe that's the thing, thinking of what I make as "lines" rather than as simply different ways of creating and surfacing them.  They are in constant evolution, really.  I want them to be interesting, both to me and to the user.  I want people to connect to them, and to enjoy their food just that little bit more when they eat or drink from them.

But what is the right pot?  I *think* I have the glaze colours down, ones that I like and that fit the mood  I'm trying to present, and my personality.  I like the textures I've been working with.  I enjoy both throwing and hand-building.  But something still isn't quite working.  It's closer than it's ever been, but still not exact.

I've got a ton of ideas, pictures in my mind of how they look, but not quite the time required to produce them fluidly.  And then, should I use both white and brown clay?  My heart says use brown, but should I provide other glaze colour options?  Maybe not.  Am I working too hard to produce a "product," rather than an expression?

So many questions!! :-)  This is how my mind works.  Questioning myself all the time rather than just making.

For the Farmer's Market I'm working on some pieces that I've never made before--mortar and pestles.  I think the first ones will be for pressing garlic cloves.  My sister will give one a try so hopefully I'll get some good feedback on them.  Also French butter dishes.  That's new but could be an interesting item.  For the market I'm trying to think a lot about food prep and serving.

This is an example of my latest favourite "way of making:"

That's a slab built, textured sandwich plate and small soup bowl.  The glaze is painted in the circles, then wiped off the raised surface.  The glaze recipe was given to me by a friend.  It leaves such a lovely glow on the clay.  I just love it.  And it's fun to see people looking at them, picking them up and fitting their fingers into the grooves.


  1. Hi Laura, nice to see your new work!

  2. Hey Laura--Hope all is well with you!