Friday, March 8, 2013

Working on getting some new listings in the shop today.

I've been busily working away in the studio, making sure I have a good supply of buttons for Knitter's Frolic (Toronto, in April) as well as new ones to list on etsy.

Also coming up in two weeks is the West End Pottery Sale.  For that I'm putting together my functional work.  Not totally happy with the mugs that just came out of the kiln, but I'm thinking I'm a little preoccupied with buttons.  Ha!  So I'll save those photos for later.

March break ends after this weekend so schedules will be (more or less) back to normal on Monday.  Thankfully I have a wonderful SO who was able to take the week off to occupy les enfants.  They've been enjoying what will likely (and thankfully) be the last of the snow for this year.


  1. Yay I found you !
    Your buttons (pottery in general) are so gorgeous, no surprise you are busy making lots of them ! Wishing I could attend one of these crafts shows ! No such things if you don't live in Paris, here. :( (thank goodness for online shops, then, right ??!)
    Have a great weekend Laura !

  2. Hi Laura, your new buttons look great!